My friends are going to want one too! Ask PP to read the phrases, check their pronunciation and intonation. Затем идет тренировка нового грамматического правила, учащиеся выполняют задания в учебнике. I play football, basketball and hockey. Strong PP may be able to do both of them. PP present their design.

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PP look at the photo of Nodira and her coins and read the 3 questions and write the answers. Отрабатывается упражнение 4, с записью в словарь новых глаголов. Контрольная работа по английскому языку за I полугодие 7 класс.

Поурочные планы по английскому языку 7 класс (Т.Аяпова.) | Английский язык | так то ЕНТ

My Mum and Dad know a lot about the places we visit and Well, I could tell you a lot more about Dreamworld, but why not come and see everything with your own eyes? Then ask PP to look at the pictures, read and listen as you say the words. В качестве фонетической зарядки можно использовать названия стран из упр. Lesson 6 Dear Abby Then let PP begin activity 1, языкц silently and finding ideas they agree with.


Then check the answers. PP write a letter to their friend using the letters from Oleg and Shahnoza as examples.

Поурочные планы для 7 класса по УМК Т.Аяповой — английский язык, планирование

Дома ученики должны выполнить письменно упр. But they say that there is nothing they can do. They learn to read, write, sing and dance. Divide PP into several groups. Introduce the structure in the situation that mother explains.

Рекомендуемые курсы ПК и ППК для Вас

They should do at least the first one. You know, Emma and I belong to our school Hiking Club and we often go on hikes in the north of England. Выполняют по очереди упр.

What size 3 words do you take?

Then check their answers. Philip, what kind of trips do you organise for those who want to seo Australia? Navruz is not celebrated in autumn. Open your books at p 73 ex. Tashkent — capital city. Развивать фонетические навыки учащихся.

Поурочные разработки по английскому языку, 7 класс, Дзюина Е.В., 2013

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. Can you see knives, forks, and plates at FFR? You could ask PP to do Grammar Exercises 3 here.


Продолжать отработку лексики первого урока. I hate it — eight kilometres!

The goals of the Committee are to develop sporting relations with other countries, to organise sports competitions in the Republic and generally to develop sport in Uzbekistan. Travelling in Russia and Abroad. There wiil probably be more people who like hiking in summer rather than in other seasons.

Who can you see? PP make sentences about products using the substitution table.

When they finish, ask as many of them as possible to say which piece of information they find to be the most interesting.